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tango led

ราคาโคมไฟ Tango LED G2 ยีห้อ PHILIPS

Product Description


  • Energy saving: system efficacy reaches >100lm/w, which gives more than 50% of energy saving when compared to conventional floodlight
  • Free from lamp replacement: Lifetime reaches 50,000 hours at L70, which requires no lamp replacement after installation
  • Low maintenance cost: IP65 housing ensures low maintenance with no need for internal cleaning, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership
  •  Flexibility on lighting application: Optical beam choice of symmetric and asymmetric fulfils majority needs of lighting application
  • Good reliability: Painted non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and steel bracket gives extra strength when the luminaire is installed in a rough environment
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Universal “U” shape mounting bracket.